The Big —


From within comes …

For the past few years I felt there was a book inside me struggling to get out. I’m not a Writer, but that is the best way to describe how through a change of job and three house moves the idea remained. Finally there was nothing for it but to squeeze my brain and push it out. I squeezed and pushed. Then I looked at the result. What on earth is it?

A Child?

When writing brings forth a creation, nay, a creature, that has a life of its own, a Child is born. As others read, they in turn may be inspired to bring forth other literary children. I thank God more heartily for writers whose work comes to life as I turn the page. It is a great gift.

A Tumour?

Writing spring from the heart and as Jeremiah observes, the heart is deceitful above all other things (17.7-8). Writing is open to vanity, and if the project is nothing but a Vanity Project, then the sooner it is out, the better.

A —!

There is ingestion and digestion behind all writing; the pen feasts on ideas. Reading and writing that bring positive change are a Good Thing and mitigate the realisation that one has brought forth the normal product of digestion, a Big P–. It is time to move on from the Product and rejoice in the change brought by the process. There was a book inside and I have pushed, and pushed. And if it a good book, then even if no-one else benefits from it, I already have. I feel a lot better!